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The Allergy - Living & Learning survey 


In March 1999, ALK began a vast survey of people with allergy, called the Allergy – Living & Learning project, together with European specialists and patient organizations. The objective was to increase the level of awareness, knowledge and understanding of people living with allergies thus improving the general status of care available to allergy sufferers.

The initiative was originally taken by ALK who approached the European Association of Asthma and Allergy Federations (EFA), and they have supported the project. Seven thousand people with allergy from ten countries in Europe answered questions on their perception of life with allergy.

Allergy significantly affects quality of life
The Allergy – Living & Learning survey shows that one third of the patients have not been tested in spite of their disease. 80 percent of the patients undergo some kind of medical treatment, and the survey shows that about one third of these patients are dissatisfied with the treatment.

Quality of life