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Inside Allergy and Science is a research newsletter from ALK to allergy specialists and health care professionals

Research & Development 


ALK is the world leader in allergy immunotherapy. The treatment is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the only treatment that targets the cause of allergy and alters the natural course of the disease. In addition to reducing patients’ allergy symptoms and their need for symptom-relieving medication, the treatment holds potential as a preventive therapy against the development of asthma and new allergies. 

Historically, one of ALK's greatest scientific contributions was the establishment of the world’s first standardization program for allergy vaccines, more than 30 years ago. Today we are continuing to set new standards for the application of scientific methods in the development and quality control of allergy immunotherapy products.

Over the years, we have acquired an unsurpassed knowledge of the characteristics of allergen molecules, with an emphasis on their interaction with human IgE and their ability to interact with human allergen-specific T-lymphocytes. Our research aim is to provide the scientific foundation for the development of improved allergy immunotherapy products and specific diagnostics in order to optimize the treatment of people with allergies.

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