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Allergy diagnostics 


Optimal allergy treatment requires a specific diagnosis as the basis for a specific treatment of the actual cause of the patient’s allergy.

As a supplement to the therapeutic products, ALK manufactures allergen extracts for allergy testing, such as skin-prick tests.

Skin prick test
A skin prick test measures the reactivity of the mast cells/ mast cell bound IgE inside the human. The principle is to "provoke" a reaction in a person by adding a minor amount of allergen.

A small drop of allergen extract is placed on the arm and with a lancet the skin is pierced and a very small amount of allergen is penetrated into the skin. If the patient is allergic, the patient will react with a weal and flare reaction.

A positive and a negative control are always performed at the same time. The positive control is an SPT without allergen but with histamine. The histamine makes the same physiological reaction as the histamine from the allergic reaction and functions as a control. 

Skin prick test